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California Style Magazine

By Orange & Park

We recently received an email from a husband-wife editorial team interested telling the story behind Orange & Park to a Japanese audience. Junko and Takashi Tomita work with a number of design and lifestyle magazines in Japan, like Blue. Magazine and California Style, and were visiting Southern California on a hunt for content.

We spent an afternoon together in Coronado, chatting about art and design, the idiosyncrasies of life on the West Coast, and the boundless inspiration provided by the ocean. They shot photos of our house and I took them in the VW bus to check out the Orange & Park warehouse, Emerald City and the beach.

A few weeks later this slick magazine shows up in the mail! California Style Volume 5 has an article about my wife and me and photos of our house. Thanks for the visit and the opportunity, Junko and Takashi!


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