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"Coronado Bridge and My House: Same Architect"

By Orange & Park

A few hours after launching the new Coronado Bridge print, I received an email from a gentleman in Southern California with the subject, "Coronado Bridge and my house: same architect." He had just purchased the Coronado Bridge print for his home, which was designed in 1959/60 by mid-century modernism pioneer Robert Mosher—the architect who designed the San Diego–Coronado Bridge several years later.

The home has a fascinating history. It was the first building in Laguna Niguel, California, and originally served as the club house for the community's golf course. The landscaping on the 7,000 acre property was done by horticulturist Morgan Evans, who also landscaped Walt Disney's home, Disneyland, and Disney parks worldwide over the course of a half century.

The place fell into disrepair in the late 1970s and was eventually abandoned, until the current occupant bought it in 1987 and got to work on a loving restoration. The home has since been featured on HGTV and in dozens of design publications. We are honored to hang on the walls of this storied building, and appreciate the owner sharing the history and some recent photos with us. Enjoy!


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