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New Collab! Las Yslas Coronado Coffee

By Orange & Park

Introducing Las Yslas Coronado, new line of special coffee blends with a distinctly local flavor, brought to you by Visitor Coffee Roasters x Orange & Park.

Las Yslas Coronado: A coffee collection inspired by the Coronado Islands Archipelago off the coast of the Californias in the Pacific. We crafted Las Yslas with a strong sense of place, and an aesthetic that feels fresh while referencing the nautical heritage of the Coronado region.

We think Coronado is a great spot for a brand like Las Yslas, where a morning coffee ritual can be an expression of local pride, or an afternoon cortado a way to forge a deeper connection with a new place.

Choose from three signature blends: medium roast, dark roast, and decaffeinated—locally small-batch using organically grown beans from some of the best farms in the Americas.

Roasted and distributed by Visitor Coffee Roasters. Available online and in select shops in town.


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