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Orange & Park x Beams

By Orange & Park

Legendary Japanese brand/retailer Beams is quintessential high-minded Japanese fashion with a penchant for iconic American and European brands and symbols. Since its inception in 1976 as a Harajuku, Tokyo-based shop that was modeled to look like a UCLA dorm room, Beams has spun off dozens of sub-labels, opened hundreds of stores around the globe, and collaborated with a sprawling range of well-established companies, from Converse, Adidas, Levi's and Lacoste to Casio, Braun, Mercedes-Benz and even McDonald's.

So a few months ago, when word came down from our Japanese point man Mr. Hiro that Beams wanted to collaborate with Orange & Park on a small collection of hats, the news was met with equal parts astonishment and joy!

Introducing the Orange & Park x Beams hat collection for spring/summer 2018. Bus and Ampersand Team hats available now at select Beams locations in Japan.

Read more about Beams’ fascinating history here.


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